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The Mission:
To encourage, enable, and document the consumption of a Cheeseburger on every summit on earth.

Highest peak in San Diego

At a whopping 1591 feet above sea level!  While visiting the in-laws in La Jolla, Boo-burger and I decided that we had better bag another cheeseburger summit.  The trail to the peak was in beautiful shape, complete with wide switchbacks and nice rock steps, maintained for lots and lots of Californians, who seem to be everywhere.  Most of the fellow hikers were young people, probably from the nearby college at the base of the trailhead.  We grabbed our WhiteCastle burgers, added some cheese, and off we went up to the peak.

Enjoying our cheeseburgers on top.

Complete with USGS marker, though barely legible.

View from the top, looking down onto the cell towers.  Note the dude up high on the cell tower, wanting to be "pinged".



I did this hike when I was

I did this hike when I was living in San Diego.  What I remember is very aggressive bees.  I was stung 3 times in unprovoked attacks.  Maybe cheeseburgers are an unsung form of bee repellant.