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Snowbasin Burgers: DeMoisy Peak

Getting to DeMoisy peak was a piece of cake.  From top of Strawberry Peak it was a twenty minute walk/scramble to the rocky top of DeMoisy.  Someone had thoughtfully sunk a post into the peak for Soontohaveastroke to hanf onto...for dear life.  Please note the white knuckes in the cheeseburger photo.  You can also see Strawberry Peak in the background.

Snowbasin Burgers:Strawberry Peak

Soontohaveastroke and I had discussed cheeseburgering a peak or two at Snowbasin Ski Resort quite some time ago. But injuries and life in general kept getting in the way.  Finally, the stars aligned and he informed me that, after a long hiatus, he was ready to conquer a couple summits.  His research showed 4 peaks that could possibly be done in one day but we decided to try for just two, as I had a mountain bike ride (also at Snowbasin) with Sierra planned immediately preceeding the Cheeseburger Festivites.   We met at the Needles Gondola and Soontohaveastroke advised me that he had spoken with a Snowbasin employee who told him that after exiting the Needles Gondola, to take a shortcut down a ski run and then it would be about a 20 minute walk to Strawberry Peak.  Well, turns out that employee was a wealth of mis-information.  An hour and twenty minutes later, after walking under the blistering sun we finally reached Strawberry Peak.  I think we may have been better off saving this summit for winter as the Strawberry Gondola does not run in the summer, but when it is running, deposits one about a 20 minute walk from Strawberry Peak.  Imagine that.  However, the views from the peak were marvelous.  360 degree views encompassing the Great Salt Lake, Hill Airforce Base, Pineview Reservior and the town of Morgan.  We consumed my classic mini cheeseburgers and set out for DeMoisy Peak located just across the saddle from Strawberry Peak.



While we were up in Albion Basin earlier in the week, Sierra suggested we hike this weekend and I said, "tis been a while since we had a Cheeseburger..." and Sierra's brother chimed in... "Lets do the Pfiefferhorn."  Well, hells bells, why not??  Its my 50th cheeseburger summit and how appropriate it is to do such a spectacular hike.  And so we struck out on Saturday July 11, from the overflowing White Pine parking lot.  The trail was crowded but Sierra set a fast pace and we made it to Red Pine Lake in 90 minutes.  From there it was a bit of a slog to the ridge where we got our first look at our goal.  Looked a little steep.  




As we were crossing the ridge to the base of the Pfiefferhorn, we were entertained by the profanity spewing from Sierra's mouth. Apparently she doesnt like the exposure.  We finally made it to the top and ate our burgers, enjoyed the view and headed back down to the car for celebratory beverages.

Summited Whitney in a Blizzard

Clmbing Whitney can be dangerous.  As we approached the summit snow started to fall and we could hear thunder far off.  People have died from lightning strike up here.  So when got to the top we signed the log and took a picture:

Me on the summit

I took a series of picture to make this photosphere:

 I could hear and feel static electricity arcing in my wool cap and shocking my skull.  I could make it stop if I raised my arm over my head but then the hair on my arm would stand up.  My nephew and hiking partner didn't want to stick around so I got out of there.  Shortly after heading back down I yelled I forgot.  The wind was blowing so hard Jacob didn't hear me.  I took off my pack and started ruffling through it.  Now ever farther away he asked what I forgot.  "Cheeseburger!", I replied.  He yelled, "What?".  And I yelled again, "Cheeseburger!"  As I hustled back to the summit on my weary legs and shouted over my shoulder, "No."

I got within site of the summit shack and snapped this picture: Whitney Cheeseburger

I turned around and ate my victory burger as I struggled to catch up.



Cheeseburgered Half Dome with my Nephew

My sister, her son and I headed for Half Dome from the Sunrise Lakes trailhead.  When my sister saw the ladder she decided she was done.

Jacob and I charged ahead. Once on top we shared a cheeseburger.

That's me on the outcrop starting the cheeseburger

Jacob is finishing it off in the second picture

McRea Hill

Knowing I was heading to Michigan I made sure that I scoped out at least one Cheeseburger Summit and since I was seeing family, they had no choice but to drive me there. We stopped at Culvers and grabbed a burger for me and drove about a mile down the road to the Sourjourner Church where the "summit" was located.   Seriously.  This place is FLAT.  I wandered around the church grounds looking for high ground munching my burger.  Never found a marker but I consider McCrea hill conquered. 

Yep...this is the place...i guess.  Looks pretty flat...

Above is the site of the "Summit"

And here's the burger.  :-)

Let's Spiral to the top!

After what seemed like weeks of rain, runs_with_kona, Baby face trouble and I decide to head north for  a sunny Sunday funday to see the famous Spiral Jetty, a 1970's art instalation on the northern end of the Great Salt Lake.

After walking the spiral and out over the salt crust to the now far off water, we decided to head up the hill for a better view and of course, a tasty cheesburger!

Congratulations to Baby face trouble on her innagural Cheeseburger Summit!


Low Hanging Fruit

A quick look at the Summit Cheeseburger website revealed two things.  1: No one had logged a summit a while and 2:  Sierra’s Regulars hadn’t picked off all the low hanging summits close to home.   I decided it was time to get back in to the summit groove and informed the girls to gear up for a hike.  It was a chilly, blustery evening  and to stay warm we moved quickly towards the summit.  Once the objective was reached we found that the USGS marker had been pried off the rock since the last documented summit of that peak.  Cheeseburgers were enjoyed and we headed up to the ridge Living Room then down the gully back to the cars.

Throw back to 2013

On July 4, 2013 we took an early morning jaunt to the summit of Box Elder peak via the trailhead emanating from Granite Flats campground. Almost a year prior, amidst large swaths of forest fires in this area, I’d aborted my initial summit burger bid due to impeding trail closures. Instead, I lay down for a cheeseburger in the broad meadow shy of the summit trail and made plans to return. The return trip was an uncharacteristically misty, rainy summer morning, and the terrain and hike were tranquil and unmolested.  It was our first true summit cheeseburger, Mia’s first ever whopper, and a perfect chance to nap in an alpine setting.


Early morning mist



Summit cheeseburgers



Alpine napping



Summit view on descent


A beautiful day in Acadia

Although it took me a while to figure out where the trail that I wanted to hike was, it was very much worth it. I took the ladder and Schiff Path up. The trail was probably one of my favorite types of trails. I loved that all I had to do was walk up some stairs, climb up a couple of ladders, and wiggle through a couple of tight rock crevices. Once on the upper part of the mountain, it got tricky because it was just one big rock. I was a bit concerned about sliding on some of the slippery wet areas. It took much precision to navigate the area. When I went, there was no one else on the trail except a furry Chipmunk friend. I paused when I saw him, kind of made a kissing noise at it which is when he disappeared. He then reappeared through the rock about a foot away from me. I think he associates hikers with food. I did not feed him, but I talked to him for a few seconds and snapped his picture. Once to the top, there was one other person who took a different trail. The day was clear and gorgeous! On the top, I half enjoyed a McDonalds cheeseburger. I think next time I will prepare and bring a better quality burger in the future.